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Tippy D'Auria

Tippy D'Auria (b. 1935) is the founder of the world famous Winter Star Party held each year in the Florida Keys sponsored by the Southern Cross Astronomical Society.

Tippy is a noted astrophotographer and has previously taught creative photography and darkroom techniques at the Miami-Dade College in Miami, Florida. He maintains affiliations with The Local Group of Deep Sky Observers, the Institute for Planetary Research Observatories (IPRO), Association of Lunar and Planetary Observers (A.L.P.O.), the AstronomyOutreach network, and the Astronomical League.

An active astronomer since 1980, D'Auria is currently a board member of the AstronomyOutreach network, and serves on its awards committee. Tippy is also a member of the Southern Cross Astronomical Society and served as a member of the Societies Board of Fellows for 14 years and was a Vice President of that Society for many years as well.


Tippy D'Auria is a frequent guest speaker and has lectured on astronomy at universities, high schools, astronomy clubs, star parties and civic groups as well as at state and national parks. He participated in many astronomy outreach events with Jack Horkheimer as a featured guest and speaker.

Awards and Recognition

Asteroid 11378 Dauria (1998 SV60) was named in honor of Tippy D'Auria. The citation reads: "Florida amateur astronomer Tippy D'Auria (b. 1935) is founder of the Winter Star Party. For many years he has worked to encourage both beginning and advanced sky-watchers in the hobby."

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