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Tele Vue Optics
Tele Vue Optics was founded by Al Nagler, a professional optical designer and amateur astronomer. His

involvement in designing NASA lunar landing simulators is what most directly influences Tele Vue products of today. Al wanted his own observing equipment to "deliver that seemingly limitless vista created for the astronauts. Producing wide, full-field sharpness and high contrast images are the keys".

In the early 1980s, Tele Vue launched its own Plössl eyepiece design, markedly improving upon other Plössl eyepieces available at the time. Al's "Nagler" series introduced 82° apparent field, approaching the realization of Al's dream for "spacewalk" viewing, and culminating in their celebrated 100° apparent field Ethos eyepieces.

Over the years the company has improved on their original designs to become a premier designer and producer of telescope eyepieces that are used by amateurs and professionals alike.

In addition to eyepieces, Tele Vue designs and manufactures high-quality refractors, and telescope accessories, including Barlow lenses, coma correctors, finders, and mounts.


Since the inception of the company, Tele Vue has played an important role in education and public outreach in astronomy with their product designs, through their various support initiatives, and through direct contact with the public, where Al Nagler is often directly involved.

Tele Vue is an AstronomyOutreach network Partner, that shares in the vision of building awareness and support in education and public outreach in astronomy.

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