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Skyscrapers Inc. is a group of amateur astronomers who share a love of the sky. Members include knowledgeable veterans and beginning observers who get together regularly to discuss and learn about the science of astronomy. Our monthly meetings usually feature speakers from one of New England’s top schools, including Harvard, MIT and Brown, and cover topics spanning the fields of astronomy and cosmology. Also, several times a year our own members or other amateur astronomers may present talks about their observing experiences. These monthly programs are designed to enlighten both our members and guests.

One does not need any special knowledge to visit or join Skyscrapers. However, not long after joining you will be amazed at how much you can learn from our experienced observers. All you have to show is an interest. Our members will provide the rest..

Our members often travel to other astronomical societies, observatories and planetariums to enjoy what other institutions have to offer. We travel to observe solar eclipses and once-in-a-lifetime events like the return of Halley’s comet.

Some of our members build telescopes, while others just observe through them.

But right at home at Seagrave Observatory we observe the heavens together and share the experience. And with the internet we can now more readily share images some of our members have taken through their telescopes as well as communicate important information in a timely manner.

You too can become a part of the great Skyscrapers tradition. Our membership is as diverse as the universe in which we live. All you have to do is have an interest to learn about universe and we’ll do the rest.

We also provide much astronomy education through our public outreach programs to schools and civic groups.

Skyscrapers was founded in 1932 by Dr. Charles H. Smiley of Brown University. The society incorporated in 1936 and purchased the observatory in North Scituate once owned by noted amateur astronomer Frank Evans Seagrave.

Skyscrapers is a friendly organization with a very rich and distinguished history. We invite you to join us and be part of our future.



One of the most important benefits of joining a prestigious organization like Skyscrapers is learning from a group of veteran amateur astronomers who have been members of the society for 20, 30, 40 and 50 years. Their broad expertise on astronomy, space science and telescope making is unsurpassed in our small corner of the universe.

Member benefits also include:

Monthly newsletter

Email notices of special Skyscraper programs or news of late minute astronomical events

Field trips to observatories, planetariums, museums and other astronomical facilities

Workshops on CCD imaging

Loaner telescopes to borrow

Library to withdraw books

Discount subscriptions to Sky and Telescope and Astronomy magazines

A Sky and Telescope subscription through Skyscrapers entitles the subscriber to a 10% discount at the Sky and Telescope Shop

May apply for observatory keys and training on the society’s telescopes after one year of membership and service to the organization

In conclusion, by becoming a member of Skyscrapers a person can be extremely proud of their role in preserving a unique part of Rhode Island history while enlightening our members and guests on the wonders of the universe.

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