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Penn State Astronomy Club was founded in 1973, the Penn State Astronomy Club is composed of people who enjoy observing and learning about the universe. Now into our fortieth year, we have a rich and active tradition in promoting interest in the heavens to the general public. We specialize in introducing astronomy at a non-technical level. Our members derive a special satisfaction by sharing the opportunity to view the nighttime sky with fellow members and the public.

The night sky has always provided endless fascination for both professional and casual observers. A sense of wonder comes from viewing the universe in all its splendor, while we contemplate the grandness of nature and the apparent uniqueness of our place in it. This is why Astronomy is one of the oldest sciences. Today, we are still discovering more about our mysterious universe. The purpose of the Astronomy Club is to inspire and inform those with a general interest in Astronomy, and to nurture new majors in the field.



You don't have to be an Astronomy & Astrophysics major to be a member of the Astronomy Club! If you are interested in joining the club, feel free to come to the next meeting. The date of the next meeting should be posted on the right side of the page. Meetings are usually every other Thursday. After you attend your first few meetings, if you want to become a permanent member of the club, you'll have to pay dues. Dues are $6 for one semester or $10 for the year.

Awards and Recognition

Clubs and Certification Programs


Outreach Events

The Astronomy Club regularly participates in Outreach events along with the Department of Astronomy. Among these events are AstroNight and Exploration Day. During the summer, Astrofest is a four night festival of Astronomy held concurrently with the Central Pennsylvania Festival of the Arts. It features:

Presentations given by Astronomy faculty and students

Tours of the universe, cosmic history, our solar system, and Mars

Stargazing & Planetarium Shows

Rainbow Demonstrations

Kids Activities

Driver's Ed: Mars Rover Edition

Make Your Own Comet!

Astronomy Quizzes & Prizes

NASA's Swift Satellite Booth

External Links

Penn State Astronomy Club Website

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