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The Oil Region Astronomical Society is a member of the Astronomical League. When open, the Observatory phone number is 814-437-2525. For more information you can contact John O'Hara at 814-677-3972, or Tim Spuck at 814-354-6515.



ORAS Membership Benefits

1. Unlimited access to the Observatory site. If you want to get away from the lights and spend some quiet time with nature under the stars, just head on out to the Observatory site. As an ORAS member you or friends and family you are accompanying can spend as much time at the Observatory as you would like. Come spend an evening or stay for the weekend, but the important thing is you can work it around your schedule. If you would like to have your own key to the gate, contact Tim Spuck at 814-354-6515. The outdoor outlets on the side of the building are on, but access to the building and 14 inch telescope is limited to those who have gone through the Observatory Training. Please contact Tim Spuck if you are interested in this traning.

2. ORAS is a member organization of the Astronomical League. There are many benefits to you as a result. You will get their quarterly newsletter – The Reflector, a 10% discount on astronomy related books, observing awards, and much more (visit their website at http://astroleague.org). Please return your membership renewal by June 15 each year to take advantage of this offer.

3. Membership in the ORAS Listserv that will allow you to keep up to date on current astronomical events.

4. Access to a robotic telescope in Perth Australia, and telescope access at Observatory.

5. Knowing that your membership is supporting a valuable resource in our community. We are fortunate to have an observatory available to the public which can inspire children of all ages to both learn what we think we know, and dream about what we may not.

6. Access to many knowledgeable individuals in the field of Amateur Astronomy.

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