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The official logo of the Ohio Valley Astronomical Society
Ohio Valley Astronomical Society

Purpose as stated in the Club's Constitution Preamble

•To secure the benefits of an association of persons interested in amateur astronomy; •Purpose as stated in the Club's Constitution PreambleTo promote the science of astronomy; •To encourage and coordinate activities of amateur astronomical societies; •To foster observational and computational work, and craftsmanship in various fields of astronomy; and •To correlate amateur activities with professional research



The Ohio Valley Astronomical Society is proud to have you consider our group for membership. The club is heading into new and exciting astronomical directions. Now is the time to join and experience the excitement and discovery of creation. Your membership will bring many benefits: local astronomical resources in areas of telescope buying or making, sky exploration, astrophotography, space exploration, and current scientific research. Club members receive a quarterly newsletter with tips and tidbits on observations, NASA updates, and club events. You can also utilize the club's observational equipment to develop your observational techniques and familiarity with the sky. Members may also receive discounts on popular astronomical magazines. Join now and become part of the new OVAS.

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•OVAS is open to anyone with an interest in astronomy, regardless of his or her background; •Was established in February 1974; •Has as club scopes: one 6", 8", and 10" dobsonian mounted reflectors and one 10" Cave reflector on EQ mount ; •Has access to a C-14 telescope at Huntington High School. (On 1-5-98, this scope was also newly recoated and is now ready for action; •Meets at Huntington High School room G113. (Backup meeting location is Union Missionary Baptist Church) with stargazes following meetings at the Donald C. Martin Observatory or at a dark sky site. •Has done star gazes with groups such as boy/girl scouts and students, sometimes at campgrounds and other remote sites (scouts), but usually holds group star gazes at the Donald C. Martin Observatory; •Each month holds star gazes for the general public at the Donald C. Martin Observatory. (on the third Saturday of the month, at dusk – except if it’s raining, sleeting, snowing or just plain cloudy). •Has members who gather for informal observing secessions at local dark sky sites during new moon intervals for observation of deep space objects. •Meetings are held on 1st Saturday of each month. •Starting time of meetings is 7:00 pm when on Daylight Savings Time, 5:00 p.m. when on Standard Time.

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