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The Night Sky Network is a nationwide (USA) coalition of amateur astronomy clubs bringing the science, technology, and inspiration of NASA's missions to the general public.


The coalition members of the Night Sky Network have reached nearly 2 million people from all walks of life through their public outreach programs.

Sponsors and Support

  • NASA/JPL's Exoplanet Exploration public engagement program, publicly known as PlanetQuest. The Exoplanet Exploration Program encompasses several of NASA's extra-solar planet-finding missions, including the Keck Interferometer, the Large Binocular Telescope Interferometer (LBTI), Kepler, and the NASA Exoplanet Science Institute. Learn more about PlanetQuest: [1]
  • The NASA Education Forum on the Structure and Evolution of the Universe (SEU), based at the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory, is a national center for teaching and learning about NASA's SEU theme. [2]
  • The Origins Education Forum, based at the Space Telescope Science Institute in Baltimore, is an association of the education and public outreach programs of the NASA missions seeking to understand and characterize the origins of the universe, planets, and life. [3]
  • NASA's Kepler Discovery Mission, NASA Grant NAG 2-6066 to SETI Institute. [4]
  • NASA Education Forum on Solar System Exploration: [5]
  • NASA Education and Public Outreach at Sonoma State University: GLAST, Swift and XMM-Newton missions


  • Suzaku Mission E/PO Program at NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center [7]
  • The non-profit Astronomical Society of the Pacific (ASP), one of the nation's leading organizations devoted to astronomy and space science education, developed and is managing the Night Sky Network in cooperation with NASA. Learn more about the ASP: [8]

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