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National Sharing the Sky Foundation (founded 2007) was formed by Comet Discover David H. Levy and serves to inspire people to learn about the night sky. NSSF accomplishes this through public lectures and telescope donations to schools.

Levy formed the organization because of the lack of science being taught in schools. University presidents, corporate leaders, political leaders, and economic leaders agree: science and engineering skills are necessary for a country be technologically innovative and economically competitive. The Soviet Sputnik capsule launched the U.S. into a science and engineering frenzy that catapulted our country into leadership in space, technology development, and scientific research. The effort resulted in a boom in science and technology, creating high paying jobs and increasing the standard of living for Americans. Students studying science and engineering rose to new heights—and peaked in the 1980’s.

Recognizing the advantages of science and technology education, students from around the world are becoming scientists and engineers in droves. And American students are turning to other disciplines, leaving the U.S. (and other developed countries) with a growing sci/tech gap.


The National Sharing the Sky Foundation (NSSF) seeks to inspire people, especially children, with the magic and beauty of the night sky. Through lecture presentations, guided activities, and education, NSSF seeks to promote intelligent awareness of astronomy and its allied sciences.

NSSF believes that the night sky can teach us humility - appreciating humankind's small place in the universe; build friendship-learning the night sky is best done with others; and most importantly impart joy - learning the night sky is fun.

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