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Dr. Michael G. Gibbs
Michael G. Gibbs, EdD is Vice President for Advancement, Chief Advancement Officer for Capitol College. He is in charge of development, alumni relations, marketing and communications, as well as government, international, corporate and foundation relations. He also oversees graduate recruitment for the college, serves as the director for Capitol’s Center for Space Science Education and Public Outreach, and is an assistant professor in the School of Business and Information Sciences.

Dr. Gibbs received his undergraduate degree in political science, a master of science in public service management, and a doctorate in education administration from DePaul University. He also holds a certificate in fundraising management from the Fundraising School at Indiana University, a management certificate from DePaul University, and a certificate in interactive and direct marketing from the Chicago Association of Direct Marketing/DePaul University. Dr. Gibbs is a member of the board of trustees of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific; the National Hispanic Institute located outside of Austin, Texas; the Planetary Science Institute headquartered in Tucson, Arizona; and most recently the Baltimore Washington Corridor Chamber.


Outreach and Leadership

Before joining the Capitol leadership team, Dr. Gibbs served as the chief advancement officer for the Astronomical Society of the Pacific located in San Francisco and held various leadership positions at universities such as vice president for development at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in Winona, Minnesota, and assistant vice president for university initiatives at DePaul University in Chicago, Illinois. Dr. Gibbs has a successful history of securing funding from individual benefactors, foundations and corporations.


Dr. Gibbs is the lead editor and contributing author of two books. "Perspectives on Leadership Education: Strategies for Leading and Innovation," is a compilation of essays on various topics from leadership theory to the characteristics of great leaders and leadership in education. The second book is titled, "Science Educators Under the Stars: Amateur Astronomers Engaged in Education and Public Outreach", and it is the first comprehensive book regarding the amateur astronomer’s role in communicating knowledge and passion about astronomy to the public.

He is also coeditor of "Galileo's Classroom: A Teacher Workshop in Celebration of the International Year of Astronomy 2009," an online resource from the Science and Mathematics Teaching Center at the University of Wyoming. Additionally, Dr. Gibbs coauthored several journal and magazine articles on the topics of professional development for in-service teachers, integrating technology into the K-12 classroom, and astronomy/space science education and public outreach.


Dr. Gibbs has delivered lectures both nationally and internationally in countries such as Ireland and the Kingdom of Bahrain. He is an advisor for a three-year National Science Foundation funded research project with the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, Illinois titled "Investigating Audience Engagement with Citizen Science."

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