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The official logo of the Memphis Astronomical Society
Memphis Astronomical Society is a non-profit, public service organization promoting interest and education in astronomy and related sciences. Founded in 1953

The Memphis Astronomical Society logo represents the diversity of our interest. The study of astronomy spans the science of physics from the microcosm to the macrocosm, from subatomic particles to the farthest celestial objects. Astronomy also embraces the fields of chemistry, exogeology, and mathematics.



People join the Astronomical League by joining one of its member clubs, or by paying dues as a Member at Large.

Awards and Recognition

M.A.S. Awards Programs

Basic Observing Award - This basic program of reading and observation will give you a working knowledge of the sky. No equipment purchase is necessary for any requirement. See the table below for a link to more details

The Messier Observing Awards - One award is offered for observing 80 of the objects in this catalog, another is offered for observing the remaining. See the links in the table below for instructions and record forms.

The Variable Star Award - The only science in which amateurs can still make a genuine contribution is astronomy. One of the most valuable contributions an amateur can make is the observation of variable stars. See additional information in the links located in the table below.

Clubs and Certification Programs


The Memphis Astronomical Society, or MAS, is a public service organization which promotes understanding of the science of astronomy through free public lectures and demonstrations. Members are seldom professional astronomers. We work in many different occupations, some in the sciences, but most in other fields. We are amateurs in the basic sense of the word: we study astronomy because we love it. We seek to learn more about it through reading, conversation with other astronomers, professional as well as amateur, and especially through direct observation of celestial objects.

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Memphis Astronomical Society Website

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