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Our Unnatural Night poster on PDF by the Astronomical League, is one of a series of posters intended for classroom or public educational outreach to help answer questions commonly posed by the public and help spark curiosity about astronomy. These materials can be displayed at club activities and astronomy events such as Astronomy Day, school sessions, star parties and amateur conventions, and club meetings.

The aspect ratio (width to height) is given in the description of this poster. Therefore, the printed size can be any proportion of that ratio with no unintentional cropping as long as the maximum width doesn’t exceed 36 inches. For instance, a poster with a 2:3 aspect ratio that is originally designed to be 20 inches by 30 inches can also be enlarged to 24 inches by 36 inches.

Foam project boards (20 x 30 inches or 24 x 36 inches) or tri-fold display boards (36 x 48 inches) can be used as the backing support for the posters. These inexpensive rigid backs can be found at craft stores or in the craft section of discount retail stores. The materials can be temporarily mounted using binder clips. This allows posters to be quickly and easily switched with other posters.


"Our Unnatural Night" is a poster 36 inches x 48 inches that describes how the problem of light pollution affects us all. It features a liftable "Answer Flap" to conceal the answers to the nine questions posed. Tape the top edge of the flap to the top edge of the answer box. The poster is suitable for mounting on tri-fold display boards.


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