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The official logo of the Knoxville Observers Astronomy Club
Knoxville Observers Astronomy Club is a not for profit hobby group located in Knoxville, Tennessee. KO is dedicated to fostering the love and enjoyment of the night sky to its members. We also spread astronomy education to the public with various events. We are different then a society in many ways. We are a hobby group. A hobby is something you do in your free time for fun. Because of that KO is much less formal then astronomy societies. We are about sharing the fun of astronomy and helping beginners develop their joy of the night sky.

The priority of KO is star parties. Observing, photographing and imaging the night sky are the biggest joys of amateur astronomy. Because of that we put huge effort into organizing star parties. We have star parties every weekend except if there is a significant moon, well sometimes we will observe even with a moon. Our star parties have many helpful, smiling people who are eager to share their knowledge and views through their telescopes. Most of our star parties are held at dark locations in the East Tennessee area. For more information on star parties visit the KO events page.



The meetings are supplements to our star parties. The meetings are held on the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7:00 at Test America. Check the events page for the latest on upcoming meetings. We have fun programs that inspire ones love of the night sky. Most of our meetings are hands on workshops such as collimating a Newtonian, preparing star charts on the computer, planning an observing session, enhancing a CCD image and many others. We will also have member and guess speakers giving talks on all aspects of astronomy. The meetings have at least ½ hour set aside for social time and refreshments. We believe this is very important. Social time is where friendships are forged and a great way to ask other members for help. One thing you won't find at our meetings is over seriousness and politics. We don't have business meetings or a reading of the minutes at the monthly meetings. On rare occasions we may have business such as officer elections. That is quickly presented, voted on then we get to the fun stuff. Afte r all we are a hobby group not a city council. We have a Prime Directive just something in writing that discribes our offices.

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Clubs and Certification Programs

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Naked eye astronomy is the first step to a successful hobby in astronomy.

Star charts are used to find what you want either with naked eye, binoculars or a telescope. This will give you pointers on how to select a good set.

Constellations are celestial land marks. Learning the constellations will allow you to find what you want to see.

Binoculars are the next step after you have learned the naked eye sky. Reach further into space with these handy instruments.

Telescopes are the logical choice after mastering the sky with binoculars. Learn how to choose a telescope that best suits your needs.

Planets are probably the the first objects you will observe with your new scope. Learn what to look for when observing the planets.

My Cap John Sparks wants to provide a focus and incentive for KO members to pursue AL certificates.

Myths of Astronomy John Sparks shares his experiences with some myths that he has come across in his many years in amateur astronomy.

Master Observers John Spark originated the idea of the AL's Master Observers award and presented it to the AL. This is the story on how the award came to be.

Levels Of Astronomy John Sparks has written a humorous article on what makes a beginner, intermediate and expert amateur astronomer.


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