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Kevin LeGore (born 1989) is an amateur astronomer who's main interest is outreach and bringing large aperture equipment into the hands of the public.



Born on November 1, 1989 Kevin entered the world of astronomy when his mom bought him a 50mm refractor for his 9th birthday. Though it did not catch on quickly for Kevin he spent observing the moon with the small telescope. Over the next few years Kevin began to show more interest in astronomy and began saving for a larger scope. During this time he also started volunteering every weekend at the Challenger Space Center in Peoria, Arizona. Through the Center he met a small astronomy business call Stargazing for Everyone run by Tony and Carol LaConte. Kevin slowly began to volunteer for the group in mid 2004. Through out the next couple of years he began volunteering more and more helping out with over a hundred events a year.

Now, several years later Kevin is a serious observer and outreach enthusiast helping out where ever he can. He still volunteers for Stargazing for Everyone almost every weekend using his 16" Dobsonian. Kevin can be found at many of the larger Arizona star parties including the All Arizona Messier Marathon, All Arizona Star Party, Wickenburg's Monthly Star Party and his personal favorite the Grand Canyon Star Party: South Rim.

Kevin is the web manager for Lunt Solar Systems and can be found giving demonstrations of solar telescopes wherever he can.


In November 2011, Kevin was selected to be the AstronomyOutreach network Ambassador for the state of Arizona. He coordinates various educational public outreach programs and gives the STAR recognition awards to worthy individuals and organizations in Arizona on behalf of the AstronomyOutreach network.

His main interest in outreach is to bring large aperture equipment into the hands of the public, including solar telescopes. Currently Kevin uses a 16" Dobsonian as his main scope and hopes to add a 22" or larger Dobsonian in the coming years for special events. He frequently shows up to public events early during summer months to set up a H-Alpha solar telescope to show people the light side of astronomy, solar observing!


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