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The official logo of the Roper Mountain Astronomers
Roper Mountain Astronomers iparticipates in ongoing scientific work performing observations, measurement, or computing of massive amounts of data that no single scientist could analyze in a lifetime. Discovery - detecting what no one else has seen before - is a very real possibility. Citizen science projects allow scientists to accomplish research goals that might not otherwise be possible. The lab environment is the Internet and the scientific work is distributed world-wide. Roper Mountain Astronomers as Citizen Scientists will be encouraged to classify stars, search for interplanetariy dust particles on returned spacecraft, identify galaxies, survey the surfaces of planets, and search for planets around other stars.



Joining the RMA is easy and affordable with memberships ranging $12 and up. Benefits include the monthly newsletter, (The Spectrum), meetings & star parties, special events, and discounts on merchandise sold to support the club.

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Roper Mountain Astronomers has an outreach program to educate people with an interest in learning about the sky The RMA is provides educational outreach programs for:

• schools • churches • Scout troups • civic groups • or any other group

We will assist any group that has an interest in learning about the sky. We can present an astronomy-related talk or activity which fits the needs of your group. We can help scout troops prepare for their merit badges. We consider astronomy and the space sciences a life-long learning experience which parents should share with their children, and children with their parents.

The main attraction at our outreach programs is often "Godzilla" This telescope is a 17.5-inch reflector telescope. We will bring Godzilla plus many other telescopes to your location upon request so your group can view and appreciate the pleasures of the night sky.

Who We've Served We have conducted outreach programs for:

• Stone Academy • Anderson Home School Group • Blythe Elementary School • Fork Shoals School • Jesse S. Bobo Elementary School in Spartanburg • Park Hills Elementary School in Spartanburg • Cub Scout Troup at Shannon Forest Christian School • Reedy Falls District Boy Scout Camporee • Crosswell Elementary School in Easley • Pelham Road Elementary School • Brushy Creek Elementary School • Skyland Elementary School • Greenville Middle School • Woodmont Middle School • Paris Elementary School • Bethel Elementary School • Sara Collins Elementary School • Blue Ridge Middle School • Hillcrest High School • Hillcrest Middle School

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