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Grove of Hope

Grove of Hope is a 501(c)(3), nonprofit organization that was founded in Los Angeles, California by Dr. Kamal Oudrhiri, to provide science education in our surrounding neighborhoods and around the globe. We believe that science education and innovative scientific solutions provide people with the access to high earning jobs, improved living standards and alternative solutions to many global challenges including but not limited to health, water management, agriculture, energy and climate changes.



The central mission of Grove of Hope is to provide science and technology education to children so that they can understand, protect and manage the earth and the world around them thereby empowering them to contribute to the advancement of technology and sustainable development in their communities.


The principal means by which Grove of Hope's mission is accomplished is through engaging and inspiring children to pursue science careers, providing teachers with the latest teaching methodologies and resources that will capture the imagination of their students, and demonstrating how innovative science applications and solutions contribute to sustainable community development.


Grove of Hope is involved in STEM outreach around the globe. Each year they conduct teacher enrichment programs, supplying science support including production of educational materials, supplies and travel expenses incurred for teachers attending their workshops, including their Annual Science Week in Africa.

The organizations programs are lead by renowned scientists and educational experts who graciously volunteer their time to lead their educational efforts.

AstronomyOutreach network Partnership

Grove of Hope is an Official Partner Organization of the AstronomyOutreach network. Initiated in January 2014, AOn will provide astronomical equipment to be used in sustainable STEM educational programs that they conduct.

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