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Gary Fujiahara is the Science Education and Public Outreach Officer for the Institute for Astronomy (IFA) University of Hawaii. A former operator on the Subaru Telescope, he joined the IFA's Science Education and Public Outreach (SEPO) program to bring a fresh approach to astronomical public outreach on Hawaii's Big Island in September 2003.


As a professional astronomy outreach educator, he has worked on bringing astronomy to the people through collaborations with manufacturers and vendors, community groups, schools, various UH campuses, NASA and the observatories on Mauna Kea.

Fujihara is also involved in technology-based education, particularly in robotics. He has developed the Hilo Youth Robotics summer enrichment camp for students ages 9-13, and the RoboFest Hawaii event.

Gary coordinates outreach activities and events on Hawaii's Big Island, including the AstroDay Institute and the AstroTalk public lecture series. Gary offers informal science educational programs that feature multimedia presentations and activities to school and community groups.

Awards and Recognition

Gary Fujihara is a recipient of one of the 2007 AstronomyOutreach Awards for exemplary education and public outreach in astronomy as an individual.

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