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Eastside Astronomical Society Dr. C. Willard Geer founded our organization as "The Friends of the Planetarium" in 1972, on the campus of Bellevue Community College, (BCC). It was his drive and devotion to a cause he believed in that made a planetarium at the college happen, and who gave our organization a lasting sense of purpose that carries on to the present day. Without his presence in the community at the precise time of BCC’s development, it is safe to say there would be no planetarium there now. He was energetic in dedicating himself to getting it built by writing letters, giving speeches to encourage donations, and founding "The Friends" to help. He spent many hours representing the college in presentations to all facets of the community from the business level to the school child’s level.



City: Bellevue

State: WA

Contact: Judy Mason

Phone: 425-746-4077

Email: info@eastsideastro.org

Awards and Recognition

Clubs and Certification Programs


Public Stargazing Events... EAS stargazing parties are held about every other month, or for particular astronomical events, and are open to the public, free of charge. These are "family-friendly" events where EAS volunteers set up telescopes to share with anyone interested in gazing at the night sky. Check the Stargazing Info page for updates on times and locations.

Pacific Science Center... On Jan 24-25 2004, EAS volunteers participated in the Pacific Science Center's "Mars Mania!" outreach event. Together with other local, astronomy groups, we greeted museum visitors and shared with them all our excitement and inspiration in exploring the planet Mars.

Mars Close Encounter Public Event... On the evenings of Aug 26-27 2003, EAS volunteers held two large Mars Watch events, with over 700 people in attendance, giving the local community an opportunity to share in Mars' closest encounter with Earth in 60,000 years.

Museum of Flight... EAS directors attend Museum of Flight activities on a regular basis, to share and involve members in aerospace events happening within our community.

PlanetQuest Presentations... In Jun 2003, EAS was one of 25 amateur astronomy groups in the nation selected by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific to participate in their NASA sponsored PlanetQuest Kit testing. Presentations on extra-solar planets were made in the Fall of 2003 to expand outreach efforts to local high schools.

Saturn Observation Campaign... Since Dec 2002, EAS has been a participant in the JPL's Saturn Observation Campaign - a program to help inspire the public on the wonders of observing the planet Saturn, as well as furthering understanding of the Cassini/Huygens Mission.

Click here to learn moreProject ASTRO... From Dec 2001 till Jun 2003, EAS participated in Project ASTRO, a National Science Foundation funded program, developed by the Astronomical Society of the Pacific and administered locally by the University of Washington, Dept. of Astronomy, with the goal of linking amateur and professional astronomers with local schools to further inspire students in science.

Click here to learn moreWashington Space Grant... In Jan 2003, EAS created, received and helped sponsor a NASA mini-grant for engaging students at Bellevue's Spritridge Elementary School in upcoming Mars rover missions. The project simulated the events of an actual rover mission to Mars, placing students in the position of project scientists.

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