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Dr. Edberg conducting outreach in space exploration at JPL in Pasadena

Stephen J. Edberg (b. 1952) is a scientist at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is perhaps best known for creating collaborative efforts between amateur and professional astronomers. A professional astronomer since 1970, Steve still considers himself to be an active amateur astronomer as well.

And Steve is currently the project scientist for the NASA/JPL "Space Interferometry Mission" to search for Earth-like exo-solar planets. If launched, the new space telescope will be the most powerful planet-hunting space telescope ever. Starting his career in 1979, Steve Edberg is a veteran scientist at JPL and has worked on many important planetary space missions including the Galileo and Cassini missions to Jupiter and Saturn.


International Halley Watch (IHW) was a collaborative program between observatories and amateur astronomers from over 40 countries that allowed nearly continuous observations and data collection of Comet 1P/Halley during its 1985-86 apparition. Edberg was responsible for getting the worldwide amateur community involved, creating a guide on how to make scientific observations and standardized forms for submitting data.

Edberg is the Executive Director of one of the world's largest amateur astronomy events, RTMC Astronomy Expo, held each May in Big Bear, California. Steve is also on the awards committee for the AstronomyOutreach network.


For his long commitment in bringing amateur and professional astronomers together, Minor planet 3672 Stevedberg (1985 QQ) was named in honor of Stephen J. Edberg in 1987. The citation was prepared by David H. Levy at the request of the discoverer Edward Bowell of Lowell Observatory.

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