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Craig Weatherwax is the owner of one of the world's largest retailers of astronomical equipment Oceanside Photo & Telescope (OPT).

Originally called Oceanside Photographic Center, it was opened in the 1940's by Donald H. Penning. Weatherwax purchased this camera shop in 1974, expanding the business each year. In 1980, the store started selling serious telescopes for amateur astronomy, seeing very strong growth through the Halley's Comet era.


Since the early 1980's Craig Weatherwax has supported public outreach in astronomy by sponsoring and hosting astronomy events, public star parties, and lectures from notable astronomers both professional and amateur astronomers free of charge for the general public. His influence and support has inspired untold numbers of people to look up and discover the universe for themselves.

Craig Weatherwax continues his activities and support for education and public outreach in astronomy as a founding board member of the Astronomy Outreach Foundation, as well as his support of many other individuals, clubs, and organizations that are devoted to public outreach in astronomy.

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