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"Skies Are Full Of Wonders,For Those Who Look At Them!"_ Sir Isaac Newton
Cosmic Acadamey Makarand Bidwai President Cosmic Academy

The League's mission is "To Promote the Science of Astronomy" by:

Cosmic Academy is my brainchild, founded on December 7, 1980 to (1) promote the scientific understanding of Astronomy to the citizens of my city, Vadodara, and (2) finance my home-study of Astronomy. In running this experiment for over two decades, in my native India, in Australia, in Canada, and in the United States of America, I have acquired dexterous skills in promoting science, understanding management, and spreading astronomy education, many a times under some pristine night sky, to a spectrum of multicultural participants.



Awards and Recognition

Clubs and Certification Programs

1 Star Lovers Weekly Meet at the local planetarium lawns 2 Reached over 200,000 participants so far in twenty plus years 3 Coverage to myriad subjects from Astronomy to Environment 4 Talks have a theme of cultivating respect for nature's belongings 5 Diverse groups in a wide geographical area are routinely covered 6 Participants have a lasting impact and long memory of activities


1 Audiovisual lectures with 3D astronomy demonstrations 2 Unaided and telescopic night sky observations 3 Workshops to make astronomy education gadgets 4 Exhibitions of material from astronomy workshops 5 Excursions for night sky watch 6 Local media coverage of astronomy news 7 Cosmic perspective annual school day d├ęcor 8 Writing astronomy plays and dance sequences 9 Production of astronomy education resources

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