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David H. Levy lectures under the dome of the 100-inch Telescope at Mt. Wilson Observatory
AstronomyOutreach network offers a free lecture referral service for public educators in astronomy. While we do not accept compensation for the referral, we do work with the speakers and the organizers who wish to invite them to lecture to arrive at a fair honorarium that works for both parties if requested. Requests for speakers to give live in-person lectures should be prepared to provide travel, expenses, and an honorarium paid in advance.

Below is a list of speakers who are currently active. Note that some of these speakers offer not only in-person speaking arrangements, but can provide your organization a live lecture online through the Internet for a comparitively modest honorarium. Live video lectures through the Internet require that the organizer provides all the Infrastructure to produce an online lecture. Interruptions due to failure in equipment, power, or the Internet are not the responsibility of the speaker.

In addition, while we are happy to help when and where we can, the AstronomyOutreach network and its affiliates are not responsible for failure to provide services or for loss of profit. All final arrangements, financial or otherwise, are between you and the speaker that you are contracting with.

If you or your organization are seeking a speaker for your event, you can contact these individuals directly or if you need advice, we can provide some assistance. Contact Mr. Scott Roberts through Explore Scientific at (888) 599-7597 between the hours of 8:30 - 5:00 p.m. CST:

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