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The Astronomy Outreach Foundation was formed to "stimulate greater public interest in astronomy and to assist everyone in becoming more engaged in activities that allow them to learn more about the universe".


This non-profit organization spreads astronomy awareness among the public by:

  • Promoting sidewalk astronomy nights in major cities. With the help of enthusiastic astronomy clubs, the foundation will coordinate star party nights under the name “See Your Universe” in urban areas such as New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago. These events will give many people their first look at the Moon, Saturn, and double stars. The foundation also will provide helpful literature that will excite newcomers about the astronomy hobby.
  • Creating videos that ease people into astronomy. The foundation’s website will host videos that explain the basics of amateur astronomy: how to observe the night sky, how to choose the right equipment, how to find sky objects, and so forth.
  • Coordinating outreach efforts with astronomy groups and star parties. The foundation will help with organization and publicity for astronomy get-togethers and group functions by providing materials and guidance to clubs and other groups.
  • Increasing the presence of astronomy in schools. Even teachers interested in astronomy in secondary schools have little time to devote to it. The foundation will produce and distribute videos about astronomy, observing, and how to use telescopes and other equipment to engage and enliven current science curricula.
  • Spreading interest in astronomy through social media. A new generation of astronomy enthusiasts will ultimately come largely through outlets such as Facebook and Twitter, where Generations Y and X spend much of their time. The foundation will actively pursue a presence and activities on social media outlets.
  • Providing publicity for events and sustained presence in Astronomy. The largest magazine on its subject in the world, Astronomy is a charter member of the foundation. Many events and activities will appear in the magazine and on its website, which is the most active of its kind.
  • The foundation also will create an astronomy network on the Web, sponsor and promote star parties for the public, attend and support non-astronomy-related science and educational events, bring together telescope-industry expertise and resources to market astronomy, promote and support astronomy education, and create partnerships with astronomy clubs.

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